A Call for Support


Greetings, we hope this message reaches you in good health and we pray that you and your family are well. The Coronavirus has upended our world in ways none of us could have imagined and as we struggle to manage the impact in our personal lives, UAW still has a responsibility to continue to support our young women and children. With our events canceled this year because of the pandemic, we are apeling to you to make a donation in supporting the programs you have come to love. 

Thank you for making what we do possible. Your continuous support makes all the difference.


We cannot do this without you.

Thank you and God Bless.

Team UAW.


As the world changes before our eyes, the entire UAW team sends you blessings and love during this time of fear and uncertainty.  We all need to stay safe, follow state mandates and advice, and most of all stay calm with a courageous attitude. We do not yet know for how long, but we do know that it cannot be forever, so let us begin every day hopeful for respite, hopeful for a cure.



All our students are safe and doing well and we will continue to check on them from time to time.  Many of them live in developing countries where access to premium medical care is non-existent. Thus, UAW is doing our bit to raise awareness among them by sharing information from the Center for Disease Control in the US.


We also want to send a very special Thank You to all the healthcare professionals who are fighting this pandemic on the frontlines. Your sacrifice shall not go unrewarded and we pray for the protection of you and your families.


Together we shall overcome!





Martin Luther

“Everything that is done in the world

is done by hope”