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MONALISA OKOJIE - Executive Director

Monalisa Okojie, founder and CEO of Nehita Inc., an exquisite jewelry collection based in Los Angeles, California. A practicing attorney in her native home of Nigeria, Monalisa gave up a promising career in law to pursue her passion of being a world-renowned jeweler. Drawing inspiration from her African heritage, Monalisa creates a luxurious collection using only the finest of handpicked exotic stones, gold’s and conflict free diamonds.

As civic minded, as she is stylish, Monalisa works tirelessly to draw attention to the poverty in Africa especially in areas that affect women and children. Monalisa is on the board of several non-profit organizations and is an active volunteer for several other philanthropic organizations in the United States and Africa. Her experience unveiled the need for more programs that provide means for African women to achieve economic independence. In May of 2014, she received a Distinguished Service Award from HYASA, a California based organization which serves the community and produces charitable capital for various humanitarian causes. In 2015 she was a Los Angeles Business Journal Honoree for Humanitarian Work 2015. In 2016, she received an Appreciation Award from Compton Early College, a Platinum Humanitarian Award from Millionaires and Entrepreneurs with a cause.

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AINEAKHO OJIOR - Program Development Director

Aineakho Ojior is a professional with over 15 years of experience in engineering and technology transformation in the telecommunication, information technology and energy sector. She started her career as a Radio Frequency engineering consultant where she designed, built and managed GSM networks for the major United States operators. Moving on from there after 4 years, she focused her career on developing her management and leadership skills in concert with engineering and technology. This led to various leadership roles in engineering and business development. Her career so far has been built on her results-driven approach, whether it is designing and managing telecommunication infrastructure, developing strategic programs for business optimization or building highly effective teams.

NORMA DALKE - Youth Program Director

Norma Dalke, originally from Seattle, Washington, grew up in a family with strong spiritual and work ethics. Her years of experience as a fundraiser for a number of charities has provided her with an opportunity to incorporate her love of the arts in an environment that brings value to the lives of others. Norma recently came on board with UAW to bring her expertise in marketing and public relations and to expand the organization’s visibility.


MESI ADA USIADE - Fundraising and Event Director

Mesi Ada Usiade is currently an administrator designee at Alef Home Health Palm Desert California. She holds an Associate Degree in Nursing, Bachelor's Degree in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix, Master's degree in Health Care Delivery from Arizona State University. Mesi is currently completing her Doctorate Degree in Business Administration at California Intercontinental University Irvine, California. She is married and blessed with 5 children.

Hobbies ~ loves to cook, travel, and spend time with her family.
Mesi loves making a difference and adding value in people’s life by giving, sharing, and volunteering.

Seye Tesfazgy, a young lady of Eritrean descent, was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She moved to America to live with her aunt in August 1998, just after the Ethiopian/Eritrean border conflict erupted in the same year. After completing high school in New Jersey, she attended a fashion school in New York City. Later on in she moved to Miami, to join her brother and sister. Here she continued her studies in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. After completion and a short employment experience in Miami in this new field, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a Visual Effects artist. She has worked on big blockbuster movies such as Transformers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mad Max, Ant Man, and many others.She believes in the power of education and giving everyone a chance to get a suitable education. To that effect Seye is involved in different community outreach programs and has been volunteering since her teenage years with the Red Cross and her Church Community. Today she is committed in changing not only her community but reaching beyond that.


Anehita Okojie is a high school student. She loves to play soccer, write, read, and most importantly she loves to help others. Anehita joined the UAW junior team because she saw it as a great way to help others. Anehita hopes to help as many people as she can by being involved in this charity.


My name is Itzly Rosales and I am currently in the 9th grade. I love to play soccer, volleyball, and helping people out when ever I have the chance to. I joined the UAW junior team because I always loved the idea of helping people out and I saw this as a great opportunity to turn my ideas into reality. My goal is to try and help as many people that I can and I know it is possible with UAW.


My name is Nayeli Rosales I am currently in the 8th grade . My favorite sports are soccer and volleyball. I like to be of service and help out the people in need. I am glad to be a part of the Upward African Woman Association because it allows me to volunteer which is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. Becoming part of the junior team helps me to value the things I have. I also know that my work with UAW is helping woman and children in other countries to have and live a better life.

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