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Bee-Bong is a small school in Kongowea, a town in Mombassa, Kenya that provides free education and 2 meals a day to 61 kids living in poverty. The impact of COVID-19 is real around the world and they have not been spared; cities are on lockdown and children are learning from home with parents unable to work. 


This effort is to raise funds to:

1. Feed the children 2 meals a day

2. Pay the teachers so that the children of  learning age can continue to get some guidance as they study at home via TV, radios or newspaper.

3. We want to support the teachers.


Started in 2014 as a refuge for neighborhood kids playing on the street, Mrs. Anatasia Johna would take them in, feed them and teach them ABCs all without charging a penny. Over time, the local women began to rely on her to care for their children. So, with the help of her daughter Mary Mungai, living in the USA, she was able to start a more structured program. In 2016 Upward African Woman (UAW) learned of Mary's efforts and became a sponsor making it possible for the school to take on 50 children providing free education and 2 meals a day. Through the support of UAW, the school is now accredited and provides education up to the 3rd grade. 


UAW raises funds to support its programs through events and community support. As events are canceled this year because of stay-at-home orders, we a providing an alternative means for you to support the programs you have come to love.

Supporting Children and Teachers at Bee Bong Academy. Kongowea, Kenya

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