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EXPOSE is UAW’s youth empowerment program promoting economic prosperity for underserved and underrepresented communities by providing equitable economic development opportunities for youths in these communities. The program is tailored to meet the needs of the communities we serve.


EXPOSE Los Angeles is developed around STEAM because Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are projected to remain relevant through the continuous evolutions in technology, and Art because creativity is being increasingly recognized as a required integration with STEM. From career day to field trips - EXPOSE will bring young Angelinos in contact with professionals and experiences that will inspire a new future.

Childeren Scholarship

Children’s Education Scholarship Program

The scholarship program is designed to give children who live in disadvantaged communities with limited access to education an opportunity to get an education.

UAW leverages its in-country connections to identify communities in need. Scholarships would be provided at private institutions in close proximity to their community. The institutions are carefully researched and selected based on their performance and willingness to support the children.


The scholarship program

  • Is given to the recipients to study from nursery or primary level through secondary.

  • Covers school fees (tuition, uniforms, administration fees, books), meals, and transportation.

  • Requires parents to sign a commitment to support their child’s educational development and progress.

  • Will provide supplemental tuition (summer school, extra lessons) in the first year (if required) to help recipients familiarize themselves with the new school curriculum and environment

  • Will host a meeting with parents at the start of each school term to discuss how best to support their children, and remind them of their commitment and the importance of their participation.

  • Has an appointed representative for UAW as well as an in-country representative for the parents and children. These liaisons are available to address any concerns and answer any questions

Women Scholarships

Scholarships for Women in Accra, Ghana

Upward African Woman (UAW) runs a scholarship program at the 2nd Image School in Accra, Ghana. This program is for young women desiring or actively pursuing vocational training and pays for tuition and gives graduates the tools they need to start an independent business.  UAW mentors and stays connected with these young women long after they graduate.  The program has experienced great success; empowering women and helping them achieve self-sufficiency, regain their independence, and thrive. Vocational training currently includes—fashion and design, hairdressing, nail technician,  cosmetology, catering, and massage therapy.  



We currently have nine amazing young women in the program and we need your support to make sure that their tuition is paid as school resumes amidst the endless regulations around COVID-19.  The cost per student is $2000 for tuition, books, and trade tools (trade tools include  - a sewing machine, hairdryer, curlers, foot spa, etc). 


Candidates are selected based on their demonstrated financial need and interviews.  All of them have had a rough start; abuse and neglect.  The scholarship is truly an opportunity for their lives to change -  physical and mental health, finances, and employment. 

UAW raises funds to support its programs through events and community support. As our events are canceled this year because of stay-at-home orders, we are providing an alternative means for you to support the programs you have come to love.

Community Outreach